ElectroStatic Solutions manufacters high quality replacement electronics for both the Quad ESL and the ESL63 loudspeakers. Boards available are power supply EHT boards, zener clamp protection board, ESL63 Input/Spark arrestor, ESL63 R/C network and 98/05 series motherboard.

Each board is constructed on double-sided, plate-thru hole technology, printed-circuit boards and constructed to near MIL-SPEC standards. After a thorough cleaning and inspection process, boards are tested to assure proper operation. All high voltage boards are sprayed with protective coating to maintain stable operation over a wide variety of environmental conditions and assure long-term reliability.

ripped speaker diaphragm
aged speaker diaphragm
arced speaker diaphragm

All boards are drop-in replacement requiring no modification to fit to your speaker and meet or exceed original Quad specifications. Zener clamp boards are supplied with the necessary hardware wire to retrofit your speaker. All boards are supplied with instructions to complete repair or installation.

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